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True crime, New York Free Download PC Game full version

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Game Description: having an interest in knowing how to play true crime, New York City Free Download PC Game full version? Here you will get all the relevant information.

True crime, New York PC Game Complete Review:

True crime New York Free Download PCWhen you talk about playing one of the beloved franchises in terms of action adventure probably on PC then there is one series that has gained great attention of the year. Those modern players should need to revisit it at some point. You can try true crime, New York free download PC game that was one of the most satisfying experiences of the past generation of gaming. This is second part and there are so many improvements you will see in the game and get access to hotels, markets, buildings, clothing shops, buildings and much more.

The game plays like GTA style and you will control the main protagonist called Marcus, and you will take control of your father’s criminal empire and you are also become an NYPD officer. The story of the game this time is so much interesting and you will actually witness while playing all the reality about crimes that happens in streets of New York.

After saying this we have now listed some real facts about True crime, New York Free Download PC Game full version to help you understand what are the game play mechanics in this one, what are the amazing features of it, which are the right system requirements you need to play on PC, and why you need to try it in the first place.

  • What are the game play mechanics in this one?

If you have played some previous games like, driver, GTA, and then you will see that it works accordingly, you will have to use guns, chases, kill enemies, and solves mysteries to become good cop. The game has two endings which depend on your performance. You can simply pick it from oceans of game to get some featured bonuses and missions after clearing the main story.

  • What are the amazing features of it?

The following features of true crime, New York PC game you are about to see are exactly the one you will experience after the first installation such as,

1) Amazing graphics and story telling

2) Set in beautiful locations of New York City

3) Featured two endings depending on players decisions

4) Bonuses rewards

5) Get access to lots of hotels and buildings

  • Who has developed this great Game?

The game has been developed and published by none other than Activision, who has great history of making some awesome games for the past many years.

  • Which are the right system requirements you need to play on PC?

Before you start installing true crime, New York PC game using ocean of games free download, you might want to look at the system requirements here briefly,

Operating system: compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8

RAM: 512 MB

File Size: 1 GB

Hard Disk Space: 2 GB

CPU: Intel Pentium 4, 2.4 GHz processor