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Is the use of social media as news source decreasing?

Tommy Clark 0

There are sources claiming that the use of social media as a news source is decreasing nowadays. People are uncertain about the news and how it appears in their feed. Therefore, it is less comprehensive for the consumers and ultimately its popularity is decreasing. The study mainly included Irish consumers while there are international references too.

According to the The Reuters Digital News Report, the consumption of news by people from digital sources is falling a decline. In Ireland, only 28% of people who were a part of the study claimed that actually understand how it works. 73% were unable to answer the question that whether social media firms take content from journalists or not.

As far as the global trends suggest, the use of social media is slightly declining. As far as Ireland is concerned, the rate dropped from 71% in 2015 to 67% when the study was conducted. In US, the downfall was even greater as the use of facebook as a news source faced a 9% drop. However, the role of Instagram progressed and its use for news was doubled from what was in 2015 and is currently 26%. You can now purchase more followers in just overnight.

The research provided following key points:

The number of people who pay for the news is slowly but steadily increasing. It goes from 7% to 12% in Ireland which is an average for Europe. Also, people who previously didn’t paid for the news were also seen willing to pay 20 cents as subscription fee or 22 cents as donation.

The use of radio as news was highest in Ireland as compared to other 36 countries that were a part of the study. 13% of individuals that took part in survey stated that they use this as primary source for the news they receive. Both US and EU are behind with 5 and 7 percent rate respectively.

Podcasts are also highly popular in Ireland, more than UK US and EU. 38% individuals were listening to such transmissions whereas US had 33% people hearing it. In EU and UK, it dropped even more with being 27% and 18%. Around 71% of people in Ireland who responded to questions stated that they trust most of the news while 62% in Europe were satisfied with the authenticity. However, the low trust on social media sources is a call for experts.

Lastly, it was disinformation and 57% of Irish individuals expressed their concern about a news being inauthentic whereas 58% individuals in United Kingdom were speaking about a news being fake.