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Ibn Battuta – Greatest Explorer of all times

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Anyone having the slightest general knowledge about the world would have heard few of the important names in history. Christopher Columbus, Francis Drake, Neil Armstrong, James Cook and Marco Polo are just some of the few famous names in the exploration world. One name that outshines many of these explorers in history is of Ibn Battuta. Coming from an Islamic background and origin, he is one of most prominent Muslim explorers and adventurers in the world.

Basic history:

According to historical records, he was born in the 1300s in the Moroccan region of the world. In those days Muslims of the region used to have very long names with mentioning of ancestors and paternal and maternal references within the name. However, Battuta was a wise lad who shortened his name himself and is still remembered by these two titles.

Man of courage and determination:

Many scholars and analysts of the history and geography subject regard him as the greatest explorers of all times. Even in the ancient times when transportation, communication, and infrastructure were poorly developed, he traveled far and wide across the continents and discovered and explored some of the most popular countries of the world. It requires a large courageous initiative and the determination to accomplish what he did in his life. He was curious yet ambitious. Initially set out to carry out a Muslim Pilgrimage, he wandered through various regions of the world in just a few years.

Traveling Years:

Battuta spent almost thirty years traveling to various parts of the world. His journey was spread far and wide. He went through regions of northern African countries to Egypt and then to the Swahili coastal lands. Traveling through these areas, the explorer came to Mecca through the sea entrance called the Peninsula of Arabian Sea. History shows that this amazing explorer also came to Palestine and Syria on his journey going to Anatolia and Persia. Later on, he visited Afghanistan, India, Sri Lankan Lands and the Maldives Islands. Anyone of the current time period might be overwhelmed by all these countries and continents. But his journey did not stop here. Even in those days of no advancement in transportation and communication, he traveled to China from where he returned back to his country of descent in Morocco.

Multi – Talented personality:

After this long adventure, the explorer again set out for one of the most incredible and difficult journeys of all times. He went on to explore the Sahara Desert, a region where even today people hesitate of going. If you search for the Ibn Battuta definition you will come to know that he was not just a traveler but also a learned person having proficiency in geography, botany, sociology and even theology of Islam.

Final words:

He is remembered to date with a glorious historical past. He wrote books and stories about his travels that are sold worldwide with great popularity. You can get lots of information about his personal as well as explorer life on the internet and in libraries.